Dear Fellow Members and friends,

I am glad to see our Institute is up and running after months of hard working by members and the Board. We have our website launched for quite a while although it is still not perfect. It is a great opportunity for me to write a few words to start the dialog with you.

During these few months, we have been refining our setup including membership grades, Chinese name, official correspondence design, etc… All we want is to accomplish “A good start is half of the success”. As the Chairman, I would like to send my gratitude to the contribution of Board Members and fellow members.

We are all fans of BIM. We share our belief that this new technology can enrich our building design and construction in many different ways. We are all fully devoted to the development of BIM and the implementation of BIM in our projects. That is why we come together to form the Institute and it becomes a recognised platform to expedite the process.

The Institute needs the participation of various disciplines in the building industry. We need individuals from various levels of practitioners from professionals to students. Our next urgent move is to promote BIM to the industry so that all can enjoy the benefit from it. We have to explore more training and research opportunities to further develop the system in advance of the rest of the world. Your effort to work together with us is extremely important to keep our standard at the top of the world.

Hope to work with you in the Institute.

Francis LEUNG
Founding Chairman, The Institute of Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM)

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