Hong Kong BIM Award

The building and construction industry in Asia Pacific is rapidly automating and streamlining its processes to stay abreast with the international business ecosystem. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative new approach to building design, construction and management. It has changed the way industry professionals worldwide think about how technology can be applied to building design, construction, and management.

Building information modeling supports the continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule, and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated, and fully coordinated.
Hong Kong is one of the most advanced countries in adopting building technologies among the world and it has played a crucial role in setting up standards in the industry among the world. With deploying cutting-edge technologies in its projects, Hong Kong is well-known for its effectiveness and efficiency in completing the world class building projects.
The Autodesk Hong Kong BIM Award celebrates building industry professionals and educators in Hong Kong who are helping to drive transformation of the building and construction industry through innovation with BIM technology.
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an integrated process that allow architects, engineers, builders, and owners to explore a project’s key physical and functional characteristics digitally – before it’s built. Coordinated, consistent information is used throughout the process to:
  • Design innovative projects from the very earliest stages
  • Visualize, Simulate, and Analyze real-world appearance, performance and cost
  • Document  the project accurately and efficiently
  • Deliver projects faster, more economically, and with reduced environmental impact

The Awarded Companies

Hong Kong BIM Award 2007

Hong Kong BIM Award 2007 (pdf – 4230Kb)

Aedas Ltd
Founded in 1982, Aedas is a global force in the built environment in a variety of Architectural, Design, Property and Surveying services. It employs over 1,600 professionals working in 20 offices spanning across Europe, Central Europe, Asia and the UAE Aedas is the fourth largest* architectural design company in the world and it is truly a global player in architectural practices.
Aedas has involved in a number of International projects including Tate Gallery at London, the Government headquarter at Bahrain, Legend Palace Hotel at Beijing, The Peninsula at Shanghai, Dancing Tower at Abu Dhabi, Emaar Tower and Ocean Height Towers at Dubai, Avia Park at Moscow, Venetian Hotel in Macau, Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2 in Hong Kong etc.
Henderson Land Development Company Limited


Henderson Land Development Company Limited is one of the largest enterprises in Hong Kong with core business comprising investment holding, property development, property investment and related business including project management, construction, property management, and financial services. The company focuses primarily on the Hong Kong market, but is also active in Mainland China where it has been steadily expanding its investments and scale of operations in recent years. The Company was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1976 and obtained its local public listing in 1981.

New World Development Company Limited


New World Development Company Limited (“NWD” or “the Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 0017) is a Hong Kong-based leading conglomerate. Established in 1970, the Company was listed in Hong Kong listed in Hong Kong since 1972, and is now a constituent stock of the benchmark Hang Seng Index with a total asset value exceeding HK$117 billion.

After more than 30 years of operations, the Group has expanded from its original property business to include four core businesses, including property & hotel; infrastructure; service; development store in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. The Group is also involved in a number of strategic investments.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


About the Department of Building and Real Estate:
The department is one of the oldest departments in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and has been producing graduates for the construction, real estate, and related industries for over 60 years. During this time they have helped develop the infrastructure and services of the region. Many of our graduates now occupy important positions in industry. They represent an important group of people contributing to be growth and development of Hong Kong.


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